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Benefits of Lymph Drainage Therapy

Benefits of Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT) include:

Assists weight loss

Alleviates cellulite tissue

Supports preventative health maintenance

Detoxifies the body tissues

Regenerates tissue, including burns, scars (pre- and post- surgical), stretch marks and wrinkles (especially on the face)

Relieves discomfort from fibro-cystic breasts

Supports post-mastectomy health

Relieves chronic joint and muscle pain

Removes pathogens via the lymph system

Promotes T-cell development, which assists persons who are HIV positive

Reduces edema (swelling) of many origins

This technology is based on noble gas ionization which reaches the energy field of the cells via light and sound frequencies. Proteins are re-polarized causing retained fluid and congested areas to FLOW. This therapy is painless and extremely effective. One treatment with this machine is equal to 8-10 manual lymphatic drainage massages.

The benefits of having an optimal running lymphatic system are many, including decreased inflammation, general detox / cleansing, strengthening of the immune system, supporting breast and prostate health, reducing edema (swelling), reducing wearing compression garments, helping with weight loss, relieving symptoms of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. A must treatment for any type of post surgery (i.e., liposuction, brazilian butt lift, etc) since it reduces edema (swelling) and fibrosis (scarring)._

A wide range of practitioners use Lymph Drainage Therapy, including:

Medical doctors

Osteopathic physicians




Physical therapists

Massage therapists

Colon therapists

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