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High-Tech Lymphatic Drainage

At Zen Healing Arts in Miami, Florida, I offer therapy that is ten times more expedient than manual therapy. The process entails the use of a state-of-the-art XP2 machine. Using this device, I apply electrostatic tension to stimulate lymphatic drainage. 

The More Effective Solution

The XP2 is a high-frequency electro-sound therapy machine. One session using this device enables healing equivalent to about eight to 10 sessions of manual lymphatic draining.

Multiple Applications

Aside from preventing lymphatic blockage, reducing edema, and boosting the immune system, my therapy enhances post-operative care. The procedure can likewise be used for cellulite reduction and for performing lymphatic draining facials. People with sports-related injuries are advised to undergo drainage procedures to speed up the healing process.

Therapy Rates

I charge $125 for a therapy session. (Extra fee for credit cards transaction)

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